Distribution Verification


Experienced Distribution Staff

Multiple reference checks are conducted before we hire someone to our distribution team.
New employees must work as a trainee with a senior employee for at least 6 months. Our distributors always work in supervised teams.


On Field Supervisors

All DMG distribution teams are monitored by On Field Supervisors. These supervisors are selected from our distribution staff after they have completed the required training and have a minimum of 3 years distribution experience.

Live GPS tracking

We have recently upgraded our distribution tracking services to include Live GPS tracking. GPS is a technology which enables us to track and log the precise position of a person, vehicle, or other asset, in real time. This enables us to quickly and efficiently update you on the status of your distribution campaign. The real time location of our distribution teams is shown via Live GPS tracking at all times. Clients can use this GPS link to do snap checks or monitor staff as needed.
Sample Live Tracking Link

Gate Markings

All distribution personnel are equipped with chalk which they use to mark each gate where the flyer is delivered. This ensures that no house or street is missed and that no area is covered more than once. Chalk marks stay on the gates for at least a week so they areas can be verified again if a client has any concerns. This technique is also used by the govt. census teams.

Designated Flyer Placement

For a successful Door to Door flyer distribution campaign, correct flyer placement on the gate is vital. A properly placed flyer that is easily visible to the residents has a 300% greater chance of being noticed than a flyer that is just tossed outside the house. Strict SOPs are followed in terms of where flyers are placed on the gate.

Regular Compliance Audits

Once an area is completed, our on field supervisors conduct an audit of the streets inside that area to ensure that it is 100% complete. All side streets and link streets are also checked. Quantities of flyers used are matched against the number of houses in that area.



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