Mystery Shop

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is an independent, pre‐determined evaluation of a customer’s experience with front-line staff, facilities, products and services. It gives detailed insight into what customers are experiencing, how competitors are reacting, and what is really happening on the front lines of any business. It quickly highlights areas of strength and weakness at every level of an organisation. Mystery Shopping objectively measures what a customer experiences, by telling customers what to look for, and asking yes or no questions. Results are reported quickly down to individual site level, meaning that managers can take action to correct or reward behavior.



  • Monitor, measure and improve actual customer service experiences
  • Keep your employees performing at their best levels & ensure that your stores are in compliance with company guidelines
  • Get un‐biased feedback and analysis to determine customer satisfaction & improve customer service levels
  • Identify improvements, opportunities, competitive strengths and weaknesses


“The PROCESS of improving your BRAND is multi-faceted and uses not one, but multiple CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE tools to get the data you need to initiate change”



Why should you use Mystery Shopping?

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, in which there is diminishing differentiation, companies are focusing more on service delivery as a differentiator. Consistency, reliability, trust and loyalty in terms of their customer interactions are words which describe what brands are striving to achieve. Brands are built or destroyed one customer at a time – every time a customer visits a store, clicks on a website or calls a contact centre. Through gaining an in‐depth understanding of their customers, defining their customer’s ideal experience and then using mystery shopping to measure what customers actually GET during a service interaction, companies are effectively using mystery shopping to:


  • Identify areas of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Identify operational issues which could lead to inconsistent or poor customer experiences
  • Identify (and possibly reward) those employees who deliver great experiences
  • Assess employee’s product knowledge and effectiveness of training programs
  • Assess employee’s interaction skills when interacting with customers
  • Benchmark their own customer experience against competitors



Our Mystery Shopping Programs help your brand to strengthen relationship with your customers by continuously monitoring & improving your service delivery processes and customer experiences.



Mystery Shopping is a CRITICAL COMPONENT of a company’s TOOL BOX to develop & maintain SERVICE STANDARDS